Transformation begins with a simple idea.

Energy Advisory Group, LLC s a new consultancy dedicated to providing advisory services to the Energy and Utility marketplace. Our team, each with more than 15 years of first-hand experience on engagements of all scales (serving customer bases ranging from 25,000 to 5.4 million) provide insight on topics pertaining to business strategy, business transformation, channel optimization and customer engagement. Leveraging our depth of experience as implementers, we have developed a service offering that provides guidance to our clients as they embark on the transformative projects that define the modern “Smart Utility”.

EAG's practice areas include the following:

  • Business Transformation
  • Channel Optimization
  • CleanEnergy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Delivery Support (Solution Design, Testing & Training)
  • Process Improvement
  • Program Management & Governance
  • Quality Assurance & Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Optimization

                       312 Arizona Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401                       +1.213.357.1120     [email protected]